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Ross Williams
Ross Williams has been a freelance lighting programmer and designer since 1995, forming the company Ross Williams Ltd in 2001. Over this period he has worked extensively in theatre, concert, television, live events and film and has been fortunate enough to work alongside some of the world's top lighting designers, lighting directors and directors of photography.
He has a keen interest in the technologies used within our industry, and is committed to driving such development forward by being at the forefront of respective innovations. He frequently beta tests new products in development. Ross was one of the first programmers in the UK to invest privately in his own lighting console, something very rare back in the 90's but comon place today. 
Ross was also one of the first private Catalyst Media Server owners in the world, following a chance demonstration of the product in 2002. He was the first to purchase a software only Catalyst licence, electing to build his own bespoke hardware setup, which is how the system is sold today.
Occasionally Ross can be found stepping up to the role of lighting director, but his core work remains firmly that of a programmer. 
Whilst still actively pursuing his freelance career, Ross held a directorship from 2012 to 2015 at Aurora Lighting Hire Ltd. Ross is proud to have been a part of this growing company.
Ross Williams is a member of the Society of Television Lighting and Design, the Association of Lighting Designers, the Royal television Society and the Television Academy.
Some past lighting projects for Ross are now listed on the Internet Movie Database: 
IMDB Ross Williams 


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